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Dayspa Magazine features the Flok digital punch card: "a basic concept that people love!"

Posted by Rebecca Weinberg on Nov 9, 2015 2:47:33 PM



Listen to Dayspa magazine - they know what's good.

The health & beauty space is undergoing constant disruption with new technologies that connect professionals and customers like never before. Leading the charge is of course Flok, yours truly, with a mission to provide powerful tools that revolutionize relationships between businesses and their loyal customers.

If you run a beauty salon of any kind, you already know that the quality of your service is only half of the story. The other half is the relationship you build with your customers. 

Give us a shout at to hear it from our loyalty experts! And while you're at it, grab a copy of Dayspa magazine and look for "App-ly Yourself" by Carrie Borzillo!  


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