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Posted by Rebecca Weinberg on Dec 7, 2015 11:51:45 AM


With 2016 approaching, we're on the lookout for a small business that creates an amazing feeling of community and treats its customers right while still doing good, profitable business. best-biz-emblem.png



Do you know a business that gives free coffee to veterans? Do children eat for free on Tuesday's at the restaurant down the street? How about the local boutique that donates extra clothing to the homeless?


LET US KNOW!--what small business do you think deserves to win? Post your nomination and tell us why on the flok Facebook page. Feel free to nominate yourself! 


The winning business will be announced Friday December 18th.

We appreciate your participation :)


N O M I N A T E   A   B U S I N E S S   N O W


So - what's in it for the winning biz?

3 months free with Flok!

Free custom marketing materials!

The business featured on Flok social media throughout 2016!


And for the customers who nominate the winning business?  You enter to win a super special gift from one of our favorite small businesses!





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