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5 Strategies for creating extreme loyalty with your customers

5 Strategies for creating extreme loyalty with your customers

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World Cup Fever with LoyalBlocks

It's almost time for one of the biggest international sporting events in the world - the World Cup. Whether you call it football, soccer, Футбол (Russian), כדורגל (Hebrew), calcio (Italian), ฟุตบอล (Thai), 足球 (Chinese), or Fußball (German), we're sure you're getting excited to watch the games - or at least to find a good place to enjoy a beer while everyone else watches the games! And that's where we can help you - here's a list of places you can watch the World Cup games AND get rewarded with LoyalBlocks! So even if your team doesn't win, you still can.

Eddie George's Grille 27

Columbus, OH - Eddie's has awesome discounts on their food for Silver, Gold, and Platinum members, plus a free appetizer (up to $15) the first time you visit.


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Tips and tricks: POP! It's a flash deal!

What if you were walking past your favorite coffee store and 'POP'! A message from them offering you a 50% discount on their delicious choca-mocha-hocus-pocus-latte-plus-marshmallows? Hells yes, I hear you scream.

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